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३ डी वॉलपेपर

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वॉलपेपर क्या है 
वॉलपेपर क्या है 
जी हा दोस्तों वॉलपेपर के बारेमे आप ने कई बार सुना होगा देखा होगा तो आज में आप को बताता हु के वॉलपेपर क्या है 
वॉलपेपर ये एक होम डेकोर  प्रोडक्ट है ईसे इन्टेरीअर प्रोडक्ट भी बोल लकते है वॉलपेपर ये घर के दीवारो पर लगाने वाला पेपर होता है ईसे दीवार सजाने के लिये लगाया जाता है ईसे लगानेसे घर , ऑफिस , शॉप , शोरूम , होटल  में एक रीच , रॉयल , लक्ज़री लुक आता है 

वॉलकवरिंग क्या हे ?
आप ने वॉलपेपर के बारे मे सुना और देखा हो गा पर वॉलकव्हरीग क्या है ये शायद आप को पता नहीं होगा तो आज में आप को वॉलकव्हरीग क्या है ये बताता हु 
दोस्तो जमाने के साथ साथ जीस तरह बोहोत सारी चीदे नयी नयी मार्केट में आ रही हैं वैसेही नयी टोक्नीक का इस्तेमाल कर के और भी अछी कॉलीटीका का वॉलपेपर बनाया जाता है उसे वॉलकव्हरीग बोल सकते हैं 
पर मार्केट में लोगोको वॉलकव्हरीग के बारेमे जादा नही पता है और पेहेलेसे वॉलपेपर ये नाम लोगो का जाना पेहेचाना बन चुका है ईसी लीये ईसे वॉलपेपर ही बोलते या वॉलपेपर के नामसे ही सेल कीया जाता है और वॉलपेपर के नाम सेही टीव्ही, न्यूज पेपर, बैनर , पोस्टर आदी में मार्केटिंग के लिए ईस्तमाल कीया जाता है 
आप यदी वॉलपेपर खरीदने मार्केट में जाते हो या ऑनलाईन सर्च कर ते हो तो आप वॉलपेपर के जगह वॉलकव्हरीग शब्द का ईस्तमाल करे या आप ईम्पोर्टेड वॉलपेपर भी बोल लकते है 
वॉलपेपर पेपर के 2 प्रकार होते हैं 

एक इंडीयन और दुसरा ईम्पोर्टेड 

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इंडियन वॉलपेपर
 ईडीयन वॉलपेपर ईम्पोर्टेड वॉलपेपर के मुकाबले बोहोत सस्ते होते हैं और कॉलीटी में कम आखे जातेे हैं वॉशेबल भी नहीं होते जीससे वॉलपेपर की लाईफ जादा नही होती और डीजाईन ईतने आकर्षित नहीं होते हैं 
  पर आप को यदी कुछ ही समय तक ईसे ईस्तमाल करना है और इंडियन वॉलपेपर की डीजाईन आप के घर के ईन्टेरीअर को मैच कर रही हैं और आप कम से कम पैसे खर्च करना चाहते हो या आप का बजेट बोहोत ही कम है तो आप 6 महीने या 1 साल के लीये ट्राय कर सकते हैं. 
   पर ईम्पोर्टेड खरीदना अछा रहे गा
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3D Wallpaper

3D Wallpaper


What is wallpaper?

You  must have seen many times you have heard about the wallpaper, so today I tell you what the wallpaper is
Wallpaper is also a home decor product. It also speaks interactive product. Wallpaper is a painting paper on the wall of the house. It is set to decorate the wall. By doing this, the house comes with a Rich Royal Luxury look in the office


What is wallcovring?

You have heard about the wallpaper and have seen what's going on in the wall, you probably do not know, so what do you call me today?
Along with the ages, all the shades are coming in the new market, as well as using the new Technique, and also the wallpaper of good qualities can be called wallcovring
But in the market there is not much information about wallcovring and the Wallpaper has become known as the name of the logo, the EC is offered only by the wallpaper itself or by the name of the wallpaper itself, and the name of the wallpaper also includes TVs, news papers, banners, Posters are used for marketing purposes.
If you go to the market to buy wallpaper or you are searching online, you can use the word wallcovring instead of the wallpaper or you can also say the imported wallpaper.
There are 2 types of wallpaper papers
An Indian and Other Imported

normal wallpaper

Indian wallpaper

 Indian wallpapers are cheaper compared to the imported wallpaper, and they are less visible in the colors. There are also no Washable, which means  the life of the wallpaper is not over and the designs are not attracted.
  But you have to use it for a while and the design of the Indian wallpaper is matching the interior of your house and you want to spend the least amount of money or you have less budget, then it can spend 6 months or  for 1 year .
   It will be good to buy the imported

wall idea interior decor best top  new Bollywood

Imported wallpaper

And the second type is that the imported wallpapers are volcanic wiring. They are made from new technology, compared to wallpapers, there are wallcovring colors of the colors, the colorful drawings are made of colorful paper, the thickness of the volcanic paper is a bit thicker and more there are wallpaper washables that can be cleaned by clothes or perfumes, the life of the imported wallpaper is over. And the imported wallpaper (wallcovring) is different, compared to India's wallpaper; the price pricing of Volcano is extremely high.
 Expanded wallpaper is preferred in marketing today.
 You have our opinion about the imported wallpaper by adding a little bit budgets.
In the imported wallpaper, there are many paper combinations such as PVC wallpaper
Venal Wallpaper (venial wallpaper) Nonwoven Wallpaper (non woven Wallpaper) Leather Wallpaper (lather Wallpaper) Texture Wallpaper Texture Wallpaper Canvas Wallpaper Canvas Wallpaper and Many More
Wallpaper size
Now let me tell you about the size of the wallpaper
There are rolls of wallpaper, some of which are like the size of the wallpaper
Wallpaper roll
1) Roll of 57 square feet
2) Roll of 75 square feet
3) Roll of 114 square feet
4) 170 square feet roll
There are kinds of wallpaper sizes

The wallpaper is the winning size of the roll, the wallpaper is not covered in the wall, the wallpaper comes in the roll, when it is placed on the wall, some wallpaper are valued to match the design of the wallpaper, it is very necessary to take the order of the captured wall.
Now let me tell you the height and weight of the wallpaper roll

3D wallpaper imported wallpaper nagpur

Wallpaper size

Size of wallpaper with 57 ski feet
Width is 21 inches and length is 10 meters. In 5 parts of 5 meters, the wallpaper rolls come in 3 pieces, sometimes the total size is 57 sq feet.
Like ECE 28 inch walled wallpaper rolls are also 57 sized feet.
Similarly, in the 57 feet roll, rolls of 42 inch lengths and 5 meter widths are also available; they are also 57 full length feet.
In the market there are 57 size wallpapers that are used to make extra.
75 Square Feet Wallpaper Roll
42 inch width and 15 meters length
Total 75 skate feet
And the other big-sized wallpaper rolls are rolled up, they are said to be born rolled, their size is 170 skies feet to 170 skies feet
But in the Friends Market, wallpapers are sold mostly from skate feet. Do not think about the EC lease.
Whether the size of the roll kitani also comes from the sketch in the market, the wallpaper
Friends, I tell you now, in the picture of the size of the picture, the role of the roll is used and the key is the wastage
Friends, 57 skate feet, which is a roll of wallpaper, 50 ski feet is used and 7 skie feet is hot. It is only west, it is a waste that matches the cookie design, makes the company or wallpaper roll like that.
Sometimes the design of the wallpaper is plain color like the color of the sky, there is no design that is the plane. If you have selected the wallpaper, then at least the wallpaper is in it. It can be 50 or 51 or 52 or 55 of 57 screw feet. Once the plane is wallpaper, or else it has been seen everywhere, in 57 ski feet only 50 square feet is used and I believe that you take 1 roll  50 ft while taking a massage. Take the kind of massage you like if you are taking it by roll
If there is a roll of 75 square feet of Vaidahi, then it will be used in 70 sq.ft. and 5 ft. Vast. In the larger size  the size of the roll size is 5 to 7 feet.

antic wallpaper old gold wallpaper

How to Measurement

Now let me tell you how to archive the wallpaper
 Is taken
First measure the length of the wall by measuring the size of the measurement, then measures the width and then applies the height and the width is equal to the inch. Take this nick and multiply the length of the  the answer comes, divide it by 144 and the answer that comes will be your sketch it will be your skate feet. If you find it, you will start to roll it. You will be able to relax easily and tell me a bad example.
If the wall is 10 feet by 10 feet - 100 feet
 For 10 x 10 = 100 feet and 1 roll of 57 feet, 2 rolls will take place; 50 feet in roll of 57 feet will be used.
 10 feet x 10 feet = 100 feet 2 rolls
12 feet x 12 feet = 120 feet 3 rolls to pick 30 feet wallpaper
150 x 150 = 150 feet 3 rolls
Like this
If you take Measurement from the inches
  120 inches by 120 inches mean 100 feet
2 rolls will be taken for 100 feet
If you are not able to understand, then you can order online wallpaper.
Now tell you how to select the wallpaper design
When you select wallpaper for the house walls
So remember these things
Your house room is big or small
If your house is small and you want to make it big, then choose the faded color light shed. White color and faded color wallpaper use the room to look bigger. If you use a little dark shed for a small room, then the room will look even smaller, then select light wallpaper for the small room.
If room is big
If you are putting wallpaper in Jesse Room, it is bigger than you can do the selection of the dark shade
If you want to take a matching combination, you should choose the interior of your home, furniture color like sofa, bed, cupboard etc., color of house, color of floral marble etc. and keeping the color of the house walls in mind. Select colors from these colors to match all the colors and if you want to take Contras combination, then select the number of colors that will be played in Contras.
Today's different wallpaper designs for the office
Separate wallpaper designs for home, small escape rooms, cartoon with dark colors, different wallpaper designs come with
Also, there are a few funky-looking wallpapers of breaks for the ECEER Café Restaurant Hotel.
Selecting the right brand as a wallpaper

You have a little coastal but if you want a 3 star or 5 star hotels or a luxury Royal look, then you can take Brad

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kids room wallpaper

children room wallpaper 

बचोके रूम के वॉलपेपर 

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